Harmonize your life through the alchemy of sound.

Sound Alchemy is a transformation process from dis-ease and imbalance to wellbeing and harmony.

Frequencies are the new eras medicine and “vitamin pill”.

Sound and vibrational therapy will be an integrated part of a natural lifestyle to stay healthy and vibrant, on an equal footing with healthy food and exercise.
Sound Therapy will be preventative and will also be a method to maintain and regain balance and harmony in the body and mind, and thereby connect us to the body’s own inherent wisdom.

sound massage

When we are connected to our own inner wisdom, we are in balance and peace, not only with our selves, but also with the world around us.

Sound and vibrational therapy not only promotes the healing process in the body’s cells and restore the body, it also wakes us up to full presence in the body, harmonize and balance the emotions, and brings the mind into a state of deep relaxation and stillness. In this state we are able to listen to our own inner guidance and thereby create and live our best lives.

The modern-day Alchemist actively and consciously engage in practices to transform the human conditions for the better.

It is time to be your own Alchemist!

The Sound Alchemy Studios mission is to create a place to harmonize body/mind energy and bring it in alignment with its natural vibration, with the help of sound, vibration, and frequencies.

It is an experience of wellness, where people can relax , destress, regenerate and recharge.

Anete Bühring

I have been working with different healing modalities for more than 30 years and have had many profound experiences. Sound therapy has called me like nothing else.

I am a certified Sound Massage Practitioner and Gong Master from the Peter Hess Institute.
I am also certified or have training in the areas of NLP, The Enneagram, BioGeometry, Meditation, Firewalk, Healing massage, Vocal sound therapy and tuning fork therapy.

anete buhring